The Sonny Merryman way has a very specific recipe and it all comes down to the ingredients – our core values.

SAFETY | Every bus carries someone’s family member.

Safety is the foundation of our business. Every bus we lay hands on carries someone’s child, parent, family member, or friend. We will cut no corners, we will hold safety to the highest standard for our products and our team, and we will treat each vehicle as if it were carrying our own families.

Customer Consumed | Please a customer every day.

We’re not standing behind a counter – we’re working alongside our customers as partners. At our core, we’re driven by the goal of supporting and pleasing our customers.

Integrity & Honesty | Do the right thing.

Especially when it’s difficult, do what is right and be honest. We do what we say and we own what we do.

Team Sonny | Our team is what sets us apart.

Each employee exemplifies our brand and is an integral and valued member of the team. Our employees are our greatest asset. We’re rowing in the same direction – in sync – working toward the unified goal of supporting our customers.

Improving & Innovating | Do better, be better.

There is always a next level to reach and we’re continuously striving to achieve it. We’ll find better solutions, create new technology, and continue to learn and grow.

Servant Leadership | Always be willing to get your hands dirty.

Every person on the team will roll up their sleeves and dig in to get it done – whatever “it” is. Lead by example and don’t pass the buck.