Sonny Merryman holds more than 25 local, state, and federal van, bus, and passenger-vehicle contracts. Buses and other vehicles available on contract are for a wide-variety of operational usages ranging from light, medium, and heavy duty transport. Our contracts are through various agencies such as Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation, Virginia Department of General Services, Chesterfield County, GSA, as well as many others. Purchasing from a contract makes the process seamless and easy for your organization. These agencies have already done the bidding work for you and have guaranteed a fair and competitive price for your bus. Many of the agencies also utilize online procurement systems, such as eVA, that make building and ordering your bus quick and easy.

Many public transit agencies are eligible to purchase from our contracts. Other agencies or organizations, such as human services providers, may also be eligible to purchase their bus from a contract. To see if you’re eligible or to learn more about our contracts, contact us and one of our bus contract specialist will be available to assist.

Who is eligible to purchase from a bus contract?

Organizations and agencies eligible to purchase from a bus contract differ from one contract to another. In many cases, public transit agencies, human services providers, and public schools, as well as other public entities, are able to purchase from contracts. To find out if your agency is eligible for buy a bus from one of our contracts, contact us.

Why should I purchase from a contract?

There are many reasons to purchase from a contract. Some of those reasons include:

  • Avoiding the hassle of bidding: Before awarding a contract, these agencies perform a bid process to guarantee fair and competitive pricing. When you purchase from a contract, you get to take advantage of this pre-negotiated pricing.
  • Easy procurement process: Many of the contract agencies we work with offer online procurement through portals such as eVA that make the process of buying your bus quick and easy. Simply log onto the online procurement system, select the options you’d like for your bus, and complete your order.
  • Added protection: Some contracts come with additional warranty or service coverage for your bus.

Agencies We Have Contracts With Include