Allison Delivers 5% Better Fuel Economy vs. Eaton Procision

Two equally spec’d class 7 trucks were tested by a certified, third-party at an independent testing facility in West Texas. One truck had an Allison 2500 Series™ automatic transmission with FuelSense® technology. The other had an Eaton Procision® dual clutch transmission (DCT). After extensive testing, the truck with the Allison transmission proved itself the clear winner.

With annual mileage at 50,000, the Allison Transmission operated at 7.08 MPG, five percent better than Eaton’s 6.74 MPG. The Allison transmission required 7,065 gallons of fuel per year, 353 gallons less than Eaton, equaling a $918.47 savings with fuel at $2.60 per gallon.

The Allison Transmission is available in Thomas Built Buses.

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